In the beginning, there was no retirement. There were no old people. In the Stone Age, everyone was fully employed until age 20, by which time nearly everyone was dead, usually of unnatural causes. Any early man who lived long enough to develop crow's-feet was either worshiped or eaten as a sign of respect.
— Mary-Lou Weisman

The Tribe Arises

Prehistoric cave painting survival strategy. Based back in the stone age era Arisen addresses the difficulties of the beginning of mankind... A player takes care of the tribe settling a harsh environment inhabited by wild animals and competing tribes. He has to build a safe place for generations to come and lead the tribe through all dangers.

Arisen is a different type of real-time strategy standing somewhere between the classic RTS, survival strategy and life simulation. Taking care of the tribe combines the features of them all. Quick and clever unit management, including women, children, and elders, is necessary to be effective and prosperous, good building strategy can precede lots of problems, while smart resource management can help your tribe survive. Player has to be prepared for unpleasant weather conditions and regular season changes.

The game art style is strongly inspired by ancient cave paintings. We would like to build up a feeling of a living cave art and shift the general view of cave paintings as a simple and primitive art form. We take them more as a proof of a cultural and social advancement of our ancestors. Almost every animal in the game is based on real cave art painting, so it lives in the game as the ancient men used to know it and as they painted it.